Devnaija | Summer Holiday

Equip your kids with valuable coding skills and resources

Learning to code opens your child to the amazing world of technology. This time not as a consumer but as a creator. Have you noticed that those who create technology control the world? Take a look at Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter etc., all are mobile apps that have turned into billion dollar companies and their creators, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Jack Dorsey all learnt how to code before they turned 15.

Free Coding Class From July 2nd - July 11th 2024

  • Tuesday & Thursday

    Limited slot available

    Why Choose Devnaija Academy?

  • Lessons are hands-on and project-based
  • Our teachers are very friendly and are experienced working with children
  • Children are exposed to the technology world
  • We help the children channel their energy into coding which can
    create a better future for them
  • A Convenient and friendly environment for learning
  • We have taught over 300 kids
  • What Parents Are Saying

    "This academy has allowed my daughter to channel all her energy into something beneficial to her, i am so happy with my decision to enroll her to devnaija academy, it was truly a revelation."

    Mrs Elizabeth (UK)

    "I registered my son for the devnaija academy summer training and in just the second week of the program instead of playing games with his phone, he now spends his time trying to build games. "

    Mrs Ibukun K. (Canada)

    "Thank you Devnaija for transforming my son, he is passionate about building games and assembling robots now."

    Mrs Esther (Texas)



    An E-commerce project by our 10year old student

    Project by Mojere David

    A dancing institute website by a 14 years old student of Federal Goverment girls college Akure that was trained last summer

    Project by Ademolekun Precious

    Meet Our Team

    Engr Mrs Ogunbiyi Dolapo
    Software Developer/ MD

    An entreprenuer, a software developer, and a mother. She's been in the IT industry for more than 12years, she's passionate about kids and believe in building skills with right values

    Mr Nath
    Senior Software Developer

    A Senior Developer with 10years of experienced in software programming. he's versatile in Node.js, Python and Javascript. He's been training children for the past 5 years.

    Mr Dele
    Software Developer

    A software Developer with 6years of experienced in software programming. he's versatile in use of C#, Python, Javascript, HTML & CSS. He has 4years experience in training kids on game development and web development.

    Ms Robenta
    Software Developer

    A software Developer with 4years of experienced with Python, Javascript and Node.js for web development. She's been training kids for the past 2 years

    Mr Yusuf Taiwo
    Software Developer

    A Developer with 6years of experienced in software programming. he's versatile in Node.js, PHP and Robotics.He has 5years experience in training kids.


    Limited slot available


    Coding, or programming, is simply the learning of computer language. In order to control computers (robots or drones), we need to give instructions to the computer in a language that they understand. this is called programming language, and the act of using that language is called coding. We live in a fast changing digital world, and to understand how to code is to understand how this digital world works. Just as we learn science to understand how our nature works, our children must learn coding to understand how technology works and how to use it to their advantage

    Learning to code helps to develop many important skills that can help a child succeed in school and life beyond. we live in a world where it is unavoidable to use technology. We are offering you the chance to let your children benefit from these technology , it also increases their thinking level which makes them a lot smarter than they already are. In addition to that, we encourage interaction in our classes, thus helping a child develop his confidence and social skills.

    Yes, there is a 2 weeks option where your kid will learn how to create a website. Contact us for more details

    Yes, One-on-One class is available, where your kid will have a One-on-One class with a teacher. Please contact us for more details.

    Because technology and software controls everything we do in this digital age, demand for those who will create this technology has skyrocketed and this has made coding the number one in-demand skill for everyone in the 21st century. Coding teaches creativity, logical reasoning, critical thinking and most importantly helps us to solve problems by creating software that makes life easier for people.

    Yes, we have another batch that'll run from July through August ending